Hello everyone, I will ask anyone who has time do you guys think if multiclassing (something like from BG3 or Ascendency from POE) would be cool for this game, so the possibility lets say for example I am playing Sentinel, then I have specialized in Void knight and then I have opportunity to specialise in to 1 of the couple submasteries (it would be like small but impactfull passive tree with couple of skills as well) but choosing submasterie would forbide you to invest any point in to other submasterie
Wish to hear your thought, personaly I think it would be relly cool and it would add a lot of depth and uniquenes if implemented right to an already great game, personaly I would bond it to some really difficult quest so it would add more sense of progression and choices when building you character.

Depending on what you mean, we already have this. How masteries currently work is kinda similar to how the Ascendant works in PoE, you can pick certain passives in the other masteries (up to half way).

Full on D&D multiclasing might be interesting, but you’d probably have to start putting points in the other base class (up to 20, obvs) before being allowed to access the left half of that base class’s masteries. It might mean that they had to move some of the interesting passives out of the left half of the mastery tree for balance reasons, plus it would mean that certain classes (Acolyte/Sorc) get access to certain things (dual wielding) that the devs don’t want (from either Rogue, Sentinel or Primalist trees).

I recently suggested something to this effect: add a class that can basically use any class/mastery. It would have to be balanced, obviously, but I think the idea has potential. It could be a shapeshifter, or an artificer, or whatever made sense and is on theme.