Stuttering, Freezing, FPS Drop with High-end Computer

Is anyone experiencing Screen Stuttering or Lagging while in maps of Monolith? My screen almost freezing in crowded packs of monster. I put very low graphic setting although my PC has GPU 3080, 32gb RAM and Ryzen 9-3900X. I wonder if it is problem of my computer. My currently build is Lightning Trap Markmans. Please let me know if you have the same problem and know how to solve it. Thanks in advance!


Same build, same problem. I notice it on other builds too but this build is much worse, currently I just restart my game every 45-90 minutes and it fixes it for a while.

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Yes. I had this too. Turn off enemy HP bars and DPS numbers. Also turn off hardware accelerated GPU scheduling in windows control panel → display-> graphic settings. It helped me, so now I have fps drops from 144 to 60-70 insted of 20 xD Oh, also unlocking FPS may help. Oh, and overclock your CPU via ryzen master, it HAVE to run maximum frequency for this weird game xD

The only consistency I’ve seen in these reports is AMD. Don’t think the game likes AMD at all.

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I did everything to solve it but I can’t. First 30 minutes after logging would be very smooth and then problem happens…

yeah I got the same problem.

Same with 3440x1440 display 144hz amd 5800x 32gb ram and 3080 10gb.
Playing online it will started sooner than in offline mode.
Restart game is best solution, I think this must be some serious memory leaks Ram/VRam or both

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I would like to point out that I run LE on ultra and this PC was built 2018 so its kind of old.

There is only a single map (cant remember name, but its the void corrupted area with islands and bridges between them) where there is any noticeable hit in fps.

Other than that, there is only a single 1-2sec freeze after starting the game at the moment I kill the first mob.

I can play for hours with no problems at all.

Therfore I believe the problem is with drivers, hardware or something. Someone metione amd? I personally never trust them. Always had problems with them over years.


This is the only repeatable performance issue I have been able to verify - I get it every time on the first map too.

Generally speaking, I experience very little issue with performance of the game - now on a new high end system (14700/4080/32gb) and previously on an old potato (i5-7500/1060/16gb). The key here is that I never run things on maximum even though I have the system capable of it… e.g. I will not run ultra at 4k on my new system because I know there will be issues and I have confirmed this. On the potato, 1080p 60fps worked perfectly - if I tried 100fps it had huge fps drops, stuttering etc.

I have found that overall, if I dial back certain settings on Windows and in-game, I get an overall far better and consistent experience… If I run 144fps at 4k on Ultra, then I get very big spikes in fps in the tens of fps, if tone it down, I get spikes in a much less noticeable sub 10 fps spike range. Dropping GPU usage averages down by lowering settings will give your hardware room to ramp up when the game demands more… but if its already running flat out to maintain the basic config, then its definitely going to spike performance issues at times.

The Unity game engine has never been known for its performance & optimisation and while EHG has done wonders with the game performance wise since I started playing many years ago, there is always an argument to be conservative in leu of a more playable performance experience.

The other side of things is also related to system maintenance - small differences in cooling, driver manangement (i.e. keeping things updated), overlocking, active application conflicts, background tasks etc… all play a part in getting good performance out of LE (and other games)… Simple things like a windows performance setting or power saving setting can make tremendous differences in play experience.

and three last points… 1) just because other games performance is arguably better or acceptable on the same system doesnt mean LE should be… (for various reasons)… 2) dont forget about server & network issues potentially causing unexpected client side performance spikes… and… the dredded… 3) yes, there are bugs… but these need to be repeatable for the devs to have any hopes of finding and fixing them… so please submit detaisl of exactly where and how you are able to recreate any fps or stuttering issues via the support system in-game or at

I’ve had the exact same problem with the same build. The FPS gets suuuuper low, and the games becomes basically unplayable, when things get super intense. Fortunately, it only ever seems to last for a few seconds, and only while the number of explosions on screen is at its absolute maximum.

FWIW, I’m using an AMD 7800X3D with RTX 4080 and 64gb RAM, using Ultra settings. I’ve never had a hiccup until this build.

same here after a while :frowning:

AMD is always a bitch, never going AMD again. Me and my friend bought basically exact same computers but he went intel I went amd… every 2nd game we play he has way better performance than me.

Gotta think it’s amd as well here.

I have the exact same issue running the same build.

Have done everything to tweak settings & drivers short of invoking voodoo to assist me.

PC specs : 5950x / 3090 / 32gb / 980 pro SSD

While I’m not really adding anything of importance here, I do want to say that on Ryzen 5 5600, RTX 3060 Ti, 32 GB DDR4 memory, this is also an issue for me.

Seems AMD-cpu related? Maybe? I’ve found on my Blast Rain marksman build my GPU utilization will steadily go down for no reason and my frame-rate tanks, to the point where shooting into a crowd of enemies my game will fully freeze and then slowly recover, but only to about 20-30fps.

Also the map tile where it’s a bunch of islands connected by bridges is definitely one of, if not the heaviest map for me. I’ve reported it in-game before, but I’ll say it again here for visibility.

Latest Drivers, latest Windows 10, and I even freshly ran DDU before updating my GPU Drivers only a day or so ago.

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