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Stuttering alot in minion build

Currently in my build I’m able to summon up to 52 minions in the right conditions and around 33 normally, and my build works around my minions applying a lot of debuff on enemies: poison, bleed, ignite, plague, shred armor and mark of death. Against a large group of enemy my game lags a lot, or against those ice enemies that throw ice like a machinegun or those who vomit (?) ice.

I turned off all numbers pop up, blinks, graphics and anything that could help, but my game still lagging.

EDIT: Also, if the boss/monster has a multiple hit AOE, and hit all my minions at the same time, lag a lot

This is a known issue with the state of the optimization in the game right now.

Situations like this where skills are proccing screen wide on lots of different mobs and minions with lots of different ailments are more CPU bound so GPU changes are limited in terms of improving things.

The next version 0.9 includes a wide range of performance related updates and changes to how the game processes certain things like ailments and even how online server play may affect this.

So for now there is little that can be done… better hardware makes a difference but only to a point and usually just hides the issue. Obviously the issue is more prevalent with certain builds so you also have the option of temporarily playing another less performance heavy one in the interim.

We have to wait and see what future patches bring.


Yeah, that’ll be an issue with your pc not really being able to handle everything with that build. If you had a non-minion build it’d probably not lag. Not that this really helps.

The devs have said that they’ve put in a lot of work to improve the fps of areas for MP, so 0.9 should help (apart from when a boss spams the screen with an AoE hitting all your minions).

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