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Stun chance viability

stun chance

hi guys,

do u have any experience with stun chance in LE? is it viable / wokrking / scaling correctly?

I’'m asking in context of Hammerdin and nodes that increase stun chance and make stunned mobs take increased dmg.

Still on the fence as whether to take that or Void dmg on Throw Hammer. with limited time now I would like to ask your help / opinion.

Thank you all!

I made a hammer character that utilizes this quite well. I noded to get 2 additional hammers, and each hammer crits for about 2k, and I toss them about 3 times a second. This is at level 51.

You need high damage to stun mobs at high levels, so get as much increased stun as you can get passively. Get the chance to throw hammers on hit too, as that will increase your damage

thanks for the tip!

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