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Stun Avoidance equation isnt working?

Move if need be btw

So i am generating about 1500 ward and sustaining it pretty well, however even with that im getting stunned to death in beta. it says my stun avoidance is -200 constant. it doesnt change with ward increases, and the equation in game tool tip shows the old one. if we do the math with the new equation at 1000 ward and 400 hp with no additional stun avoidance and taking a 200 damage hit, we get .2857. thats about average from what im seeing for hard hits, but lets go to the low end of 100 damage dealt and it drops to 14%. bump my ward up to 1500 where its being sustained at and its 10%. most damage i take is less than 50… so i mean i should be 5% chance to being stunned… However I am getting stunned once every 2-3 hits. hopefully this is looked into. Thanks yall for the work.

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