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Study in Time - door doesn't open for part 5

I’m up to part 5 of Study in Time - Investigate the Upper floor of the College.

I went forward in time and got the crest. Went to the door and had the dialog in which the Officer ran off upstairs. But the door isn’t open, and no amount of clicking, walking, or restarting the client will get it to open for me.


Not sure if the Player.log will help as I’ve restarted since “handing in” the crest, but I can generate one if need be.

Platform: Arch Linux, if it matters.

I have the same issue with this quest. Same step. I’m on Windows client.

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Same issue.

You have to attack and destroy the door.


Oh, wow, yeah that works.

This need better signposting. There’s no health bar to indicate it *can be attacked. I was playing a minion build, and my wolves didn’t attack it, so it didn’t even occur to me to try. Probably best if it just opens :wink:

Thank you for this info so much, I hope they put a HP bar on the door or something.
(necro pet build, I don’t do much attacking on my own)

i cant destroy the door

default skill “Attack” click

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