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I’m a Lich stuck at level 42 with no missions, only have the too difficult Monolith of Fate thing. It was fun up to now, but… well, this is boring…

What was the last quest you remember doing? Could you link a pic of your map screen (probably the Divine era).


My last quest was the corrupted lake, which I by the way did 5 times before I found out, that I was meant to go to the normal lake and take a portal to the corrupted! Saw a topic on this problem, but it hasn’t been dealt with, it seems…

You should be on this one next:

You may be able to find a way to get to the next quest from that info… If not, it could be bugged for you… in which case you should post on the Bug section of the forum 1) to inform the devs and 2) see if there is a workaround…

No, if you have a look at the pic of the Imperial Era map you can see that he’s gone past the Desert Waystation (& you can’t get into the Oracle’s Abode without doing the quest).!AC-VQzqS7QBYlsU&cid=7917BC153A00CBC0&id=7917BC153A00CBC0!238444&parId=7917BC153A00CBC0!238451&o=OneUp

@davidcrickett I’d assume that this is an “old” character from before chapter 7 was released? I’d think you’re probably in the Imperial Era (right at the top on the right hand side) & you need to find the top-right most portal & kill spoilers in the zone after the Immortal Citadel, you should then be sent to the Divine Era to the Gates of Solarum zone which should start the Rahyeh’s Warpath quest.

I’ve have just started this game a couple of days ago :slight_smile:

Ahhh, yes :slight_smile: Duh!
(I had forgotten about this one, since I already got it, but it has somehow disappeared from the quest log)

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That quest is a bit odd, since you talk to Yulia to hand in the previous one (Journey to the Necropolis) then you need to talk to her again to pick up Rahyeh’s Warpath. It won’t automatically start the next quest just by handing in the previous one.