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Stuck Underground (with video)

Player (4).zip (65.2 KB)
I had a couple of buggy things happen in my most recent timeline, which culminated in me falling through the ground and being stuck. I reached the forge and clicked on it as per usual. It spawned one wave of enemies and then did nothing. I figured one of the enemies had spawned/wandered further away so I started killing monsters around the forge. After killing 5 or 6 groups of monsters with no result, I decided to clear the entire map just in case.

Upon returning to the forge, I walked towards it and my character disappeared into the floor. I literally saw the model move through the floor and then disappear. I couldn’t move but I could still use my abilities.

I wasn’t recording while playing, so I only have a short clip of when I am already stuck under the playing area. You can see part of the Rive animation, and how it displays seems to confirm that it is originating from under the surface.

Sorry about that!

This is a known issue. Thank you for the report.

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