Stuck on The Emperor of Corpses and died on my 80 HC char

First time player.

Been playing with my friends for the past week and really enjoyed it, we’re doing HC.
This is my 6th Hammer Throw smiter paladin, had smite chance on hit idols and perfected the char, everything went flawless (besides some server lag at times that nearly got me)

I went to kill The Emperor of Corpses as lvl 80 because i basicly one shotted everything with this build with 4 idols. The Emperor of Corpses legit melted, but as i walked out of his explosion and wanted to walk back in (so i woulnt get hit by the outer ring) my char was stucked. I’ve experienced this before with Lunge where the char just stands there untill u press another button like Hammer Throw. I did this and i still couldnt move. This being said i didnt use Lunge as i was fleeing the inner ring so this coulnt even be that issue.

I feel like ALOT of my time is wasted due to this bug and being unable to play with my friends. Is there any chance AT ALL to make you guys revive it as HC as this clearly isnt my fault and coulnt do anything to save the char.

Picture link:

Char: HammerDeezNutz6