Stuck On Quest

"A Study In Time": Investigate Ruined Era Great College

I can’t seem to find anything worth investigating inside “The Ruined College”. Has anyone done this quest?

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I’m stuck on the same thing. The quest to investigate the ruined college doesn’t complete even after fully exploring the zone.

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Yep, same problem here. Seems like its bugged for everyone atm according to some Alpha Players in Global Chat.
Hopefully its not a Skill Point Reward Quest :smiley:

Edit: Just Checked the Quest Log again…it actually is a Passive Point Reward Quest :persevere:

Yeah not working for me either unfortuantely :frowning:

same here cant find anything on the map to progress

You have to go to the “RUINED ERA” so go back to the teleporter and go to the town area in the Ruined Era instead of the Imperial Era.

Took me a while to figure out too.

We’ve fixed a bug which affected this quest.

Sorry about that!


Thanks for the reply!

Hey guys. Just tryed to complete the quest after the recent hotfix.

So i went into the college in the ruined era and took the key there.
Went back into the imperial Era again. got 1 step further with the quest but it looks like the door doesnt open for me.

maybe im doing something wrong, im not sure. just wanna leave my knowledge here. maybe i did something wrong, maybe its still somehow bugged.

Edit: I indeed DID something wrong. gotta break that door lol! quest done ty for hotfix.

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