Stuck on Connecting in character screen

I’m having an issue where I select online mode and select my character then I’m left with a connecting screen for almost a minute then it just stays at the character select screen. I’ve read through most if not all of the error or not connecting threads that are currently up and no one sems to be having this particular problem. I do have a solution if anyone is having the same problem. RESTART YOUR PC. I dont know why but if you restart steam it doesnt help but restarting your whole pc fixes it. This is a very annoying bug that ive tried to work around by uninstalling and reinstalling, UI and RI after restarting my pc, and switching the game to run as administrator and have a higher priority in my Task manager.
If anyone is having this issue and knows of a fix please tell me, im sick of wanting to play and getting shut down by the fact that i have to restart before i can play.


I am having the EXACT issue! Hadn’t seen anyone else struggle with it either, but sadly restarts haven’t fixed it at all. I’ve been trying to play since the day after patch drop, and have only managed to get in one time…I hope the hotfix addresses this too

I have started having the exact same issue.

I have had no problems for several days since the online launch and have been playing a ton. This all started with the patch 9E and nothing I try works.
Verifying integrity, running as admin, or restarting. Nothing seems to work which is really infuriating.

Same thing with 0.9e update.

Same thing happened on me on Multiplayer release. Could play after server fixes.
Yesterday was very laggy and long loading times.
Today can’t choose character stuck in “connecting” screen.

Judgin from the growing Steam forum thread we are not the only ones.

All I was able to find was that this is almost definitely a server issue. Creating and playing on an offline character had no problems for me.
Turning off my VPN or jumping around did not seem to work, however.

Acutally, scratch that last thing!
I think it might be central europe server issue assuming you guys live there.


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