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Stuck on 2 Quests! anyone gotten past them?

Didn’t find a quest related topic, so i am just gonna ask here!
Screenshot here :

one of the quests tells me to head west, but the only path i’ve found that would make sense is blocked off with a cart, so i guess that’s as far as we can go quest wise on current Alpha?

2: A Study in time : i got the key from a NPC to enter the first door of the studdy, but right after that first door, i am met by another closed door, where a npc on the inside is standing! gone in and out of that room countless times, looking for any way to get in! cleared the map about 10 times, incase i’ve missed a mob or whatnot! but i cant figure out how to get in!
(Yes, i’ve tried to attack the hell out of that door, but to no prevail! :stuck_out_tongue: )
So, i was wondering, is it possible at all to get past that door?

You will find the key on a corpse in the previous act (era). The other quest has not been implemented as far as I know.

Damn, then i guess i just gotta keep looking, i swear i’ve killed it all, but i guess not! thanks!
My hunt keeps going then!

Hint: Sooo he says he can wait there for centuries. Look for other waypoints. Notice some of them have a very similar name? Cough ruins cough. Maybe return to the location far in the future and see what happens(another hint if you find it and go back to unlock the door you do need to attack it:).

And yes the quest that requires you to travel west cant be completed yet. Because the western locations are not implemented as of 0.6

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