Stuck in telegraph

This boss telegraphs a purple line on the floor, I left click in the circle to walk out of the telegraph. I expect the character to walk to the circle. Instead the character continues attacking the boss, does not move, gets hit.


You have your movement button on attack-move, which, if you click on an enemy’s hitbox, will target them with an attack. It also won’t move if you’re holding it down after commanding it to attack a target, it will continue attacking. You have to release and click away from the hitbox. The worm bosses have large hitboxes bigger than they are though, so skills can hit them despite them technically being out of melee range.
Honestly I don’t know why the left click attack-move is even an option in an arpg, as I’d never want my movement key to change its behavior without my consent just because something passed in front of my cursor.

You can set left click to movement only by clicking it, just like setting any other skill.

Yeah, it depends whether he just moved his mouse away from the boss without letting go of LMB/RMB (which wouldn’t work, as you say) or if he manually clicked on the circle (which would work).

I did let go and click the circle. I suspect the game might have ignored it if that occurred during an attack animation. Although I accounted for that and gave it several seconds and still couldn’t move.

The reason I configured left click this way is because it’s the only way I found to get my character to approach a target and attack it with one click. Before that I’d have this problem where I’d be attacking an enemy and the enemy would move away, then my character would be stuck attacking thin air and I’d be unable to get it to approach the enemy again.

In this case it’s because you clicked an area that is still within the worm’s hitbox, as his head is leaned in. It definitely could use some fine tuning.

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