Stuck in place very often

Stuck in place very often

  • os: win10, gpu: rx6800xt, cpu: tr 1950x
  • all drivers updated to latest versions
  • eu/austria

i play druid with swarmblade.

my char seems to stuck very often in place, doesent matter if i am in human form or swarmblade, happens in both but seems more often in human form.

often i can’t even leap or dive.
sometimes it happens if i switch form then i also can’t move but can use movementskill.

mostly it happens on map edges or objects placed on the map.
sometimes it happens after changing form.
and sometimes after using a movement skill.

can’t reproduce the exact situation why it happens but it seems it can happen anywhere but in towns.

Same problem happened twice now in 30 min. first time in boss fight and second time while mapping. got stuck in place while in swarm form. could cast and turn but not move from this position so i had to log out. think it happened after using dive but not sure…

Update: didnt occure again since 1 day

I get stuck often whit the shift skill, i think is something with collision after graphic update.
Oh and i often have some small camera shifts or my character when using skills is annoying to look at when playing poisson assasin (umbral daggers and “jumps” (shift a loot))

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