Stuck in orbit after Echo completion?

So, I reported this through the game’s bug report, but was hoping someone else might have some insight.

I’ve just started completing Echos for the first Monolith, and every second or third Echo I complete, I hit a game breaking bug. I complete the Echo and take the green portal back to the Monolith base to collect my rewards and instead of teleporting there, I end up… I don’t know… floating in outer space?

Screenshot, since that makes no sense:

From there, I can’t do anything. I can’t go anywhere via the map or waypoints. I have to quit the game, which obviously results in no rewards for the echo. When I log back in, I have gotten credit for completing the echo, but no loot.

Known bug? Something weird with me? I basically don’t want to keep running this Monolith if I’m going to lose all the rewards every second echo…

Out of town for a week, back today. Patched this morning, then ran quite a few monoliths with no issues.

Took a break for a bit, came back, I think my 3rd monolith in I hit this?

Grabbed a 30-second clip via Xbox Game Bar:!AsqOrefnbVjQid1jKonCcF4KP-7whw?e=XZ4guq

Ugh, didn’t quite capture the corruption of the loot item on the ground unfortunately.

The “Assassin’s Silver Ring” I’m mousing over at the start of the video was initially showing with a corrupted name as " Vigorous Steel Plate (=< […]". Last time I saw that was quite a while ago when loot filters with Emaphasize were broken, hopefully not occurring again.

Anyways, as you can see, I leave the mono and poof, roughly in the same spot OP posted they landed.

This was a Level 85 mono, though I don’t think it matters.

Oh, for what it’s worth, the flames in the screenshot are my Pyre golems’ AOE burst that went off just as I took the shot. Apparently all my minions are also floating in space, but they’re invisible! Sweet!

Same has happened to me a few times. Uncertain what causes it, however if you wait long enough, it appears the terrain at some point returns… like 10+ mins.

I dunno, I sat there for a half hour and nothing happened…