Stuck in first echoes quest


I am doing my first echoes quest in the ransacked camp. I have to destroy the animated bones.

The problem is that I can’t destroy the animated bones. It keeps spawning skeletons and any damage I do to the animated bones gets regenerated. I can’t destroy it so I am stuck.

Is there anyone that can help?

Could you upload your build to the build planner?

Does it work now? Dammit disabled the “share” function, no?

When I try to upload my build to the planner, it says ‘this feature is disabled’. It doesn’t allow me to upload my character file.

in my quest timeline echo it says “contains incomplete path”

does that have anything to do with it? how do i solve this?

This is the build i am using. Its not my build, the planner doesn’t allow me to upload my build. But i checked my items and i am not using any unique items. Only rares. My passives and skills are the same as the build in this link.

I destroyed it now. I apparently was just not patient enough. I needed to kill more skeletons before it got destroyed. Sorry.

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