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stuck at arena

how do i get past the arena, is there a level limit or something i have to beat, cause it seems like im stuck here. is there more content and a town

Apologies for the confusion-- the Alpha only has Chapter 1 implemented at the moment. For the Alpha, we have the Arena for people who want to continue to level their characters while we have a limited amount of content.

You’ve reached the end of the content, but feel free to continue if you like.

oh ok i see, dang i was like wait hold on that was fast, its really cool though i love the game. i can tell its heading in the right direction. Is there going to be a option in the future to microtransaction more bank tabs, it would be a good way to raise money and everyone would do it, it wouldnt be pay to win at all, just more space to hold more goodies. Keep up the great work, you guys are up to good stuff here

No, we decided not to sell additional stash tabs as the game won’t be Free To Play.