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Strongest builds 0.8.5?

I’m currently playing a shatter strike spellblade and it’s a BLAST! Really enjoying gearing it out and progressing.

I’m hoping you guys can share some of the strongest builds this patch. I don’t mind if they require super rare uniques or specific exalted pieces – I just want something I can farm for outside of my current character.

I like a good overall character that can do echoes and kill bosses, but I’m partial to movement speed and aoe clear over single target dps if I had to choose.

Hey there…

Most of these are very strong -

The rest are here:

Even some of the 0.84 builds are still valid so dont discount them… “Strongest” is relative and subjective criteria, but the most OP meta right now are likely Poison Umbral Blade Rogues - poison is so OP its likely to be nerfed in upcoming patches. On top of the offensive benefit, Rogues can arguably be the most tanky with layered defences and damage reduction.

Personally, I think the Shield Throw/Manifest Armour build is the most OP build I have enjoyed playing. Devouring Orb Void Knight comes a VERY CLOSE second for me too… but then I am partial to Sentinel builds…

Spellblades could actually use a little love in my opinion to get up to those meta build levels…

Watch the Videos from the above builds or read the forum posts associated with them to make up your own mind about what you may like to play next…

Thanks for the detailed response.

Yeah I have been scouring the build sections but there are so many options and sometimes it’s hard to tell if the build has been nerfed since 0.8.4, so I appreciate the options you shared.

Both the poison rogue and the devouring orb knight sound super cool to me, I’ll try farming the gear.

As for spellblade, I agree that it feels ok but not overpowered by any means. I’m doing the frostbite shackles/snowdrift DOT version. It’s solid enough to farm, though, and it’s quite satisfying to get the screenwide freezes and shatters.


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Its mostly safe to assume 0.84 builds are ok and havent been nerfed… The only real one was the fix for Flurry where it was double dipping attack speed & was applying ailments incorrectly (too much). The other was a recent issue with a unique (Ashes of Mortality) allowing stupid levels of ward…

Most other things are all still much the same… maybe a slight change but nothing too bad… Devouring orbs had a nerf in 0.84 (if I recall) but they are still incredible…

Spellblade works fine - its only in end-game that it tends to plateau… It was my first char at a time when it was so OP it made most other build seem silly… then it got nerfed so hard to the state its in now… Good… but no-where near the other metas…

I’ll just finish the spellblade and then try to farm those Salt the Wound gloves since it sounds like that might take a while.

And the Ashes of Mortality thing was actually one of the reasons I made this post LOL. Looking back, the changes would have been obvious if I read the item description more closely, but I think I just saw the “ward on ignite” and didn’t notice the nerf until the second pass. Clearly a much needed nerf but it would have been fun to run around with 100k ward for a bit :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@vapourfire if I could bother you with a last question… where is the best place to farm exalteds for specific slots? is it better to look for those nodes on timelines, or maybe dungeons? I just came back to the game and dungeons weren’t a thing before, so I’m not sure what they offer outside of the legendary function

You cannot really… There a few ways to improve your chances tho:

  1. You can get the appropriate blessing for the type of item you want to drop - e.g. 2h axes and then the chances of that type of item dropping will increase - exalted or any rarity.

  2. You can run Temporal Sanctum dungeon - the doors to the levels have daily bonuses that can be increased exalted item drops of a specific kind from the mobs… Changes daily at UTC+0 … E.g. one day it may say exalted helmets, next exalted wands etc…

  3. Some people (not me tho) also find that the Soulfire Bastion Gambler rewards can sometimes have a good amount of exalted items…

Obviously farming empowered monoliths (lvl 100) with higher corruption causes a lot more quality loot - including exalts…

For blessings check Tunks site: Monolith Timelines

Thanks :+1:

Nice one