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Striggan's Floral Ascendance not increasing damage and more

Operating System: window 10

Detailed description: I have been toying with Striggan pet for a while. I find Striggan’s damage very low even when I have maxed out 105% spell damage in Shamanic Infusion and rank 3 in Floral Ascendance. Then I tested Floral Ascendance one rank at a time and realize that it is not increasing pet’s Spell damage. With 105% spell damage passive, the Orb was only doing 18-25 damage. Something must be wrong.

And also, Vale Barrage’s homing Orbs are not hitting correctly especially against single target or target at close range. Even against a group of enemies, many Orbs are not hitting. This is worse with Rank 2 Vale Barrage. You would see 5 orbs flying out and many of them are just circling. Vale Assault reduces this problem because it shoots “straight” but the damage penalty is not worth it with another -20% and -40% (from Vale Barrage).

Please look into it. I really think Striggan’s damage has a problem.

What were you doing at the time? Killing things in Arena

How consistently does this happen? All the time.

Your system information:

Your log file:

Thanks for the report!

We’ll look into this.

Hopefully I am right. lol

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