Streaming and content creation

I am making this to ask for and hopefully receive permission to stream this game ( to either twitch or youtube or another platform if one arises that is easier for me ) and also create videos I can post as the game advances. I am mostly thinking basic build guides, possibly one or two per spec of each class and updating them as the game continues on. Just basic builds that will allow a common player access the end game as the game develops.

I am asking for this permission instead of assuming it because while I imagine it would attract attention to the game I also know if every player has access to decent build guides on each spec and class it can take away a lot of the fun and adventure of exploring a fresh new game.

I enjoy the game immensely so far and am excited to see it evolve and grow but I do not want to possibly become a reason the game loses its shine and sense of adventure and mixing-and-matching of gear and skills.

Thank you


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It’s totally fine to create Last Epoch content on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. :slight_smile:

I’ve moved this out of Feedback and Suggestions as it’s not really relevant to that section.

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