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Strange behavior with dodging/missing?

It seems like chance to dodge (for both you and enemies) randomly drops to 0 for a moment every so often, but it’s hard to confirm.

I’m playing a Spellblade with 58% dodge, using the belt that generates ward on dodge, so groups of weak monsters or monsters that attack fast generally just feed me ward and can’t hurt me. Every now and then, however, my health suddenly drops (or I die).

I just tried test this against a group of about 15 of the small melee spiders. I stood still and my ward consistently fluxuated between 400 and 600 for about 12 seconds, then I suddenly lost all of it and a good chunk of my health, but then my ward quickly shot back up and my health regenerated. It seems like I completely stopped dodging for a moment.

I’ve also noticed something similar in timelines where the monsters all have chance to dodge. I’m reliant on Mana Strike to restore my mana, and I only need a couple of hits on a single monster to fully restore it. Against large groups, I’ll be using Mana Strike and get 100% misses for a solid second (easily 30-40 attacks in a row), and then afterwards get a string of hits, instead of the consistent mixture of hits and misses that I would expert.

Is anyone else noticing this? I thought it might have just been bad RNG at first, but I think I’m seeing this too often for that to be feasible.

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