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I find it odd there is no one making videos about the story or lore around last epoch also there is no character spotlights. You guys need to get some youtubers to start making story and lore content.

You’re not seeing any because they’re reworking the entire story before launch, and haven’t made a secret of it.


They’re reworking the zones, not sure they’re changing the story.

“Rising Flames introduces a fully reimagined first chapter of Last Epoch … You’ll meet a host of new enemies across new zones … We hope you enjoy this new chapter which lays the groundwork for events to come…”

Seems we have interpreted the video differently, I wonder who got it right? 9.5 hours until we find out. :slight_smile:

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True & my Necro bone golem build got “gutted” (ie, nerfed some both numerically and mechanically by the change to Bone Curse) so maybe I’ll start a spellblade 'cause what i was thinking of doing with that is bugged as well (in a bad way).

I’d suggest watching this podcast with EHG’s “lore-master” Kyle. It’s certainly worth a watch if you enjoy the story of Last Epoch.

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The patch is not releasing when you think it does.
Patch is coming out in 26hours from now.

Any idea which of us got it right? I can’t get in. :joy:

Sadly I couldn’t really sit down and listen to this because of the audio issues. Bummer too, cause I usually love a good podcast while playing games.

Could not listen to it. Kyle’s microphone is too bad, he sound li’e he is calling you from inside the toilet :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Yeah, I’m so glad I’m not going to be on any zoom/teams/whatever work calls with him. Can someone get him a decent mic for the love of his colleagues?

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thank you

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