Storms Aid bug

Good day,

Great game, enjoying it.

Noticed odd behaviour of Maelstrom when it’s not casted on a target with Storms Aid.

Without Storms Aid, Maelstrom defaults to the character, but when Maelstrom is cast with Storms Aid and without selecting a specific target, the spell doesn’t centre on the character, instead appearing off centre with the character situated at the edge of the Maelstrom spell, not at it’s centre.

I hope this makes enough sense for you to reproduce the issue. Ideally, not selecting a specific target when casting Maelstrom while Storms Aid is in play, should behave the same as the base Maelstrom spell without Storms Aid.

This guy.

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It’s worse for me… with Storm’s Aid I can cast Maelstrom anywhere and it will remain in it’s position relative to my character. If I cast it 10 meters northeast, it’ll remain 10 meters northeast as I move around…

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