Storm Tottem boost

Am I the only one who feels this class spell is one of the worst?
The shaman who would only like to go for tottems and pets has such low dps and defense (he’s terribly squish).
Most similar classes have more eq to choose from, have a wider field of action (using only minions) and have better defense and dps than shaman (and they use only minions). Not only that, when fighting bosses, storm tottem often “gets stuck” and does not attack them, and when it does, it looks as if someone took away 70% of its cast (attack) speed. Having around +1500% dps, 60%+ crit chance and +300 (or more) crit mult, I deal like 700-1k dps (on crit) on monolits lvl 80. Where other classes deal 50x more…

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