Storm Totem "Fulgurite Core" Node Seems Not Working

So Shaman Storm Totem “Fulgurite Core” node says - Storm Totem has additional Spell Lightning Damage based on your Shock Chance. I know it is my character shock chance and not minion/totem shock chance. However based on my testing using a Shaman character with no passive points and no any gear equipped, I see no difference when my character has 0% shock chance or 200% shock chance.

Base Shaman Storm Totem hit at average 50-60 damage. With 2 points invested in “Fulgurite Core” and getting 200% shock chance on hit using only Idols, I expect there should be 40 flat spell damage added to my storm totem to reach average 90-100 damage. (I only use Idols to add shock chance on hit and avoid affixes such as % increase totem damage, % increased minion lightning damage, attunement etc which can increase the storm totem output damage.)

However based on my testing result, my storm totem still hit at average 50-60 damage. Did I do something wrong? Can someone help to confirm on this issue? Thank you so much in advanced.

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