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Storm totem and spell questions

Does minion spell damage effect any of the totems damage? I am quite confident it does not effect the thorn totem, but mostly the storm totem? The descriptions says “casts lightning storms” so it sounds like a spell. If not, does it effect the blizzard?

I would like to test it, but the storm totem won’t attack the test dummy.

Both totems are spell tagged

I apologize, new player here. I did not realize thats what the tags meant lmao. Thank you. that makes things much much simpler. To clarify, if I have an affix that is “+ Spell damage”, that will not effect totem damage then since Spell isnt a scaling tag?

I know storm totem has spell tag and im pretty sure thorn totems are physical spell tagged

So simce voth are minions you need “minion spell damage” affixes to increase there damage. Or just minion damage increase affixes since that increases all types

HAs the info you’re looking for.