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Storm Spires (and the like) in monoliths

monoliths that require the clearing of storm spires and the like are quite underwhelming. The damage that the spires deal is negligible if in fact they hit you at all.

it means the objective isnt really any challenge at all and the only difference with this type of monolith is the need to find and destroy the spires.
how about
a) increasing the damage the spires do so that you cant just ignore them while you go round killing everything else
b) having them guarded by a pack of tough monsters
c) all of the above

Just feels like the spires arent really dong anything to make the monolith interesting and there’s a chance to do something with them.


Make it so you have to dodge high damage traps before reaching the spires (:

Make it so you have to climb a spiral spire to kill the spire with a spire guardian guarding the spire spire.

Could call him the spire spire guard imo

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