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Storm Rift Questions

OK, so I have a build in mind that would utilize the Storm Rift node in the Earthquake tree. But, as usual, I have a couple of questions. I was hoping a couple of the more seasoned veterans on the forums could assist me.

  1. Storm Rift states it is “now a spell and no longer scales with melee damage”. I understand this but have a question on the bonus of the base skill scaling “melee damage at +300%”. Since it is now a spell do bonuses to spell damage get added at +300%?

  2. I’m pretty sure this means the weapon used no longer matters for the build. Once a skill goes to spell damage weapons don’t equate into its damage numbers?

2a. If the above is true, and weapons don’t matter, doesn’t it hurt builds to change to a spell. With 2-handed weapons, or dual wielding, there is soo much base damage one can get from weapons. I don’t see how the conversion is advantages.

Please help me understand how this conversion is beneficial. I LOVE the sfx with it and want it to work, I’m just having a hard time grasping how it isn’t a hinderance.

Melee damage won’t do anything for it then, no, but the implicit adaptive spell damage will increase the damage.

There are weapons with adaptive spelldamage, like Llama said. This is the spell caster equivalent to melee damage. Staves and some sceptres have both, melee and adaptive spelldamage, wands have adaptive spelldamage. These are the type of weapons you need for that kind of stuff. Weapons still stay essential for your character as they provide the base damage for your skills.

Dual wielding is still an option as theres an adaptive spelldamage affix for swords. Also some unique weapons add a bunch of adaptive and increased spelldamage.

Changing Earthquake to a spell will require some build changes as you mainly want to scale spell and elemental damage now. So you should also watch out for other skills scaling with spelldamage to complete your build. Previous skills might not synergize well with that choice.

This Earthquake build route works best on a shaman because this mastery is strong with spells, while druid and Beastmaster mainly support melee stuff.

Ahh yes, adaptive spell damage. I forgot about that. That does help alleviate the question #2 issues. This make Alluvian a hell of a weapon for what I am thinking. Just wish there was something like it as an Axe, and not skewed with cold. However, what about the +300% rate at which melee damage is applied to Earthquake? Is spell damage applied at that same +300%? Has anyone tested that yet? I haven’t reached that point in my build yet.

P.S. Thank you to both RawSuicide and Llama8 for the answers. Can’t wait for that Werellama!!!

You’d think that, but you’d be wrong… A staff would outperform Alluvian due to the (much) higher adaptive spell damage.

I think so. I haven’t tested it. But since nothing else is stated, I’d guess it is the same.