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Storm crows

I am thinking that the storm Crows are in the wrong place. They really should be under beastmaster. The shaman has really no use for the crows and the druid has the strongest companion in the game for them already the Bear. Perhaps give the Beastmaster the choice of the storm crow or the wolf?

The Bear is a Beastmaster summon…

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Yep my bad. Also their are the wolves that are given when you first create a primalist

Shaman is my first pick to use this companion. Not sure why you would think that. Shaman has insane Lightning and Adaptibe Spell Damage for minions, which is insane for Crows.

The crowd are a Base yprimalist skill because it can fit into BM and Shaman very well. I think that’s fine.


I can only see up to +10 on Avatar of Thunder & +16 on Rune of Awe. Not sure that’s “insane” & since the tooltip for Storm Crows doesn’t give an added damage effectiveness I’d assume it’s 100% (which doesn’t feel right)?

If I remember well, the Druid can have +40 Minion Adaptive Spell Damage, that could open another possibility

Eternal Nature at the top of the passive tree gives +40 Companion adaptive spell damage. You could take that as a Druid & +10 from Avatar of Thunder in Shaman.

Yes. That would be 25 points in the Shaman tree, but it could be worth doing it

Regardless the Primalist starts out with the Wolves already.

is this working with crows or not?

Yes, the bottom “minion spell” part does

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The crows are useful for buffing storm totem and giving heals as shaman. Highly disagree that this pet is not good for shaman.

If you play Shaman you take 1 Giant Crow and the 1 companion only passives and take the Chain Lightning specialization and mana drain

Took 3 crows, and had them all buff my totem and heal me.

I’m using storm crows with a shaman based build at the moment. The only real issue I have with the skill is that the crows become really squishy in the empowered monoliths / high level arena runs (I’ve tried various pet defensive ideas, increased minion health regeneration helps a bit). This is a problem when using a form skill (werebear or sprigann), when resummoning companions isn’t possible. Any ideas how to tackle this issue?

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I think the 3 major ways are:

  1. Primal Medicine Passive, which allows you to heal your crows with Health Potions. Depending on how much Health they have, one Potions heals them completely full with 6/6 points
  2. Primalist Relic Living Seed gives up to 2,4% Minion Damage Leeched As Health, which is pretty strong, since the Crows deal massive damage
  3. Minion Health Regen Health Regen (which you already covered). Since crows have relatively low hp pool and are not on the frontline most of the time, it’s very effective to counteract sustained incoming damage.

There is another very strong option, which is not avaialble to you, since you are Shaman.
Beastmaster can share his endurance stats with companions, which is massive, since you can cover a big portion of the crows health with endurance.

All of the mentioned things here can obviously be combined to some extent, but i think you will never need to fully invest into all of those at the same time.

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@Heavy Some pretty nice ideas there. I did experiment with minion leech earlier (Reach of the Grave) but it wasn’t enough the handle high burst dmg, which is often the reason for companion deaths. This is why I would love to be able to resummon companions while in form. That beastmaster passive sure would be nice, but I need that Shaman mastery for my Attunement-hoarding :smiley: I’ll try out some new combinations based on your suggestions, thank you!

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The transform stuff will be reworked very soon (maybe already next patch?)

And from what Mike hinted at, it sounded alot like, that you will actually be able to use other skills while using transformsations which would allow alot more build diversity in transformations.

This would fix your issue with resummong too.

Fantastic news! Thanks man :kissing_heart:

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You can try the idols that have up to I think a 10% chance to randomly heal a minion to 100% and melee kill if your melee which I am thank God but yeah the danger of avoidance on minions is awful I can watch them sit there and do nothing and just get murdered by AOE fire explosion from the sky it’s stupid