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Storm Crows' power


I read that Storm Crows are not very powerful. I’m currently leveling a Beastmaster with 6 crows and he seems to be doing well.
What does “not very powerful” mean? That he will not be able to play empowered timelines, or that he will be even weaker?
Right now he is like this. The gear is relatively crappy, just gathered from what I could find.

I haven’t tried a pure crows build but I have an EQ toon where the crows have 400% extra health and 321 health per second. They are very squishy at even 180 corruption empowered. Try wolves. They are 5-10 times as durable, at least

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I don’t really like Empowered timelines. I did some of them with other heroes, I found it stressful, painful and not fun. So I’ll probably stay in normal timelines.

For normal timelines they are okay.
Also depends in how you build the crow:

  1. You go full on melee buff using Swipe to increase dmg and crit for the crows
  2. You go full ranged using the crow to do most of the job, buffing they with Frenzy Totem and Cold Warcry (if you convert them to cold) and playing more a defensive kite-style playstile
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