Storm Crow benefits

After 2 days of playing the new skill i realized that Storm Crow they don`t get bonuses from some things like :

  • Increased minion spell damage from my weapons they don`t boost the dmg not even a little . With or without weapon equipped the damage is the same .
  • Increased minion spell critical strike chance not 100% is a bug but i guees they either benefit from that too . Not even from Cry of the Lynx .

not worth it, nobody listens, nobody cares

Storm Crows should benefit from these stats but you will have to resummon the crows for the stats to effect their damage.

As with everything else, the minion’s stats are snapshot from your gear/passives when you summon it.

Though @KissingAiur, what makes the temporary buffs (such as the Aspect of the Crow or your companions gaining Aspect of the Shark when you do) different? If a minion’s stats are snapshot on summoning, why do temporary buffs affect them for the duration but the permanent changes (such as equipping an item with minion damage on it) don’t?