Storing a Monolith Blessing for easier respeccing

I love trying out builds in LE. However, let’s say I have a lightning sorc with appropriate lightning related blessings that I’ve farmed 100s of hours to get max rolls on. There is no way I’m rerolling those to try out a fire sorc. So I’m forced to level up a second sorc to try out a fire setup just because of how blessings are designed. I would love it if we were able to “stash” one blessing per monolith for easier respecs.

This would allows us to take advantage of Last Epoch’s greatest strength - build diversity and exploration. Passives and skills are fairly easy to respec, blessings are the biggest bottleneck that has turned me away from LE in the past.

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That is explicitly what they don’t want to do.

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Personally like that it motivates to make a new character. Being able to fully swap the build at a whim cheapens the experience for me and makes the character lack… character/identity.

Starting a new character and grinding for gear and blessings to make it do it’s thing as good as possible is my main motivation for progressing. I love that I can fairly easy swap skills to tweak and adjust the way it’s played but just having it as a possible blank lvl 100 slate that can become anything super quickly just feels…boring (to me)…

Weird! I feel the exact opposite. Being forced to make multiple of the same hero feels frustrating to me. That is too bad if they won’t change that.

If you are interested in doing it purely for testing poirposes, you could do it in offline and “massage” your character “skillfully”. :wink:

Having 1-2 slots to store blessings per monolith area would be a QOL buff. Or making it so that once you have discovered the blessings you have them unlocked, but only at minimum roll. So that if you want a better roll on said blessing, you would have to select that one and still “farm” the monolith quest to RNG your way to the top roll. And if you swap it out it would go back to the min roll. Could also make it that it only works for “regular” blessings and not “empowered”.

One post on reddit by unknown user and lead dev responds, not sure if its just pleasing the reddit masses so the users will respond with tropes such as “this is how to make a gAmE” "oThER dEvs cOulD LERN frOm thiS’ but this has been posted here before a few times and immediately shot down so…unsure

Yup. That’s not far short of “thank you for your feedback” as a response…

Brain fart incoming… how would you feel about permanently unlocked blessings for standard monos, but not for empowered?

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Yeah I agree for the most part, this has been brought up multiple times in teh past, but with the community being smaller, and well, the majority being people who liked the game only as it is, it was constantly shot down. I hope we see some more thoughts put towards it. When blessings are mostly just about gearing, its very annoying, and has nothing to do with grind or skill, to just have to rework all your gear because you changed res for something else, or something else for res.

But don’t worry, llama will tell us all exactly whats in all the devs brains.

If by that you mean, what they’ve said in the past, then yes…

I don’t think he has a clue what is in their brains.

But he does reiterate what is usually the last known information on the Devs current status of something being brought up. Especially if it’s a question that gets asked repeatedly.

I think to be informed, people SHOULD know what the Devs current stance is on a given topic. It makes it for the ability to engage in a more through constructive discussion because you aren’t reiterated things they’ve already covered. Instead, if you feel strongly about something, you can understand the Devs take on it, and use your criticism to counter specifically that, not just throwing eggs at a wall and hoping one won’t break.

Lots of new people now. Lots of people who don’t like to use the search function.

As to the topic, I can see a potential middle ground for this where there is some sort of ‘storage’, but I also think once you hit 200 you’re getting 5 out of the 10 (sometimes it’s even less than 10 I think) options so RNG is much less a factor I think at higher corruption for those who want to tinker with different builds.

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Judd says in response to a reddit thread on this question ‘Ill bring it up in the next game design meeting’, you tell someone ‘that just means they’re not changing it’

Yep. Not pretending to know what the devs are actually thinking at all.

I’ve been married for over 21 years, I can read between the lines.

If everyone has always said “not happening” then one person (the boss, granted) says “we’ll put it on the list of things to talk about at the next meeting”, that’s a diplomatic way to get people to think that you’re listening to their requests (that you don’t want to do) & not have to do it.

Probably important to distinguish between “it will be brought up at the meeting” and “that probably wont change their position”.


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Damn, didn’t expect llama to become one of the forum users who thinks so little of ehg and just comes here to post about how they don’t listen to the community.

personally I got trust in ehg and believe that if Judd tells someone he’ll bring it up in a meeting, he’ll do that. But you do you.

I never said that. They have their views on things, some of them are easier to shift than others. On the harder-to-shift ones, they may be amenable to new suggestions or reasoning but i don’t think that usually get said new reasoning.

So do I, absolutely, I never said he was lying. But if they’ve not had any new or effective argumentation that might change their minds then the new discussion will go the same way as the old discussion. It’s like me asking my wife to do ceratain thongs things (bloody fat fingers), if I’m not giving her a sufficiently compelling reason to do something she doesn’t want to do then the answer is atill going to be no.