Storage > tab management -> sub tab disappear

I was managing my storage on my online character, re-ordering tabs and sub tabs.
I created a new tab and I wasn’t able to click on it to edit the name/icon/color.
So I moved it : right to left, added a sub tab (an existing one with items). Then revert the change (re-affecting the sub tab the to previous one). And now I have both tabs empty, some sub-tabs are missing :frowning:

Did you get any answer to your issue?

No, I’m still missing my tabs :frowning:

Hi, I lost a full category of tabs as I tried to rearrange. it’s like half my stash at lvl 84 so I cannot really continue without it, or feel safe putting more items into the stash.
Does anyone know if there are any workaround to get their tabs back or should I simply shelf this game?

I just added several new categories, some got bugged as before but atleast one of these new categories had all of my missing tabs.

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