Stop locking every mastery of each class, c'mon

Rift… well then Rift is an mmo and no hack and slash game.

Back in 2014, you had to have the Druid at lvl 30 and the Arcanist at lvl 15 to become a White mage.
For Paladin you needed Gladiator 30 and Druid 15.
Other classes also had to reach certain levels for certain skills, such as the Thaumaturge. He had “Swiftcast” (= next spell is cast immediately) at lvl 26, if i remember the lvl correctly, and every caster needed this skill.

FF14 allows you not only one job, but all existing jobs. So you can have 4 tank jobs, 4 healer jobs, 5 melee jobs, 3 physical ranged, 4 magical ranged and then here are 3 gatherer and 7 or 8 crafter. All in one character if you want.

In PoE. I can be a warrior that has a bow as weapon and uses magic spells and minions. So what class am i? Still a warrior

Jelkhor Detonating Arrow build begs to differ. You have to choose Marksman to get the skill but you put only 8 points in Marksman to get dexterity and put all your points elsewhere. It’s one of the strongest builds in the game.