Stop locking every mastery of each class, c’mon

I do not want to create new character for other mastery. I want to try every skill without creating new same class characters. For example, a Sentinel must be able to learn every mastery of Sentinel. It does not make any senses for me at all in creating other same class character for other mastery. I wish Game Last Epoch has skill system like Game Diablo 3 that is no locking skills. Game Diablo 3 is greatest game of all time. At least, I wish I can respec masteries.

Hi, :hugs:

You can use all of the Sentinel skills and then all of the skills in the spec that you choose and then the first 2 skills in the other classes if you invest points in their trees. If you think of them as 3 totally different classes eg, Forge Guard, Paladin and Void Knight, but they share the heavy armour type of the Sentinel starter class. You can always watch the latter 2 abilities of each class on YouTube to see if you like the visuals and play style of them to save you rerolling a new character for each class. Playing a Void Knight and a Paladin should feel like playing a completely different class, albeit melee in heavy armour. That being said, it would be nice if there was some way of swapping for those that wished to, maybe 1 million gold would be a good gold sink?
I do like that there are 15 different classes though as it give the game more replayability and you get to learn the class from the start. A Blade Dancer would feel very different than a Marksmen and a Necromancer would feel very different than a Lich. I do think that it’s only the Sentinel classes that feel similar to each other though, but I’ve only played a bit with them (Paladin 50 and 25 Forge Guard), when you have the class specific skill and the later 2 skills in the class tree, the gameplay should separate out a bit more, if you choose them ofc! Melee Marksmen and petless Beastmaster are 2 such examples.