Stop drop roll

Surprised no one else has forum this yet but can we copy paste dodge and stamina from wolcen. Roll outta them aoe circles.


I agree some kinda twitch gameplay like sidestep or dash action will make the overall gameplay feel more dynamic and interesting.

Isn’t that what movement skills are for? not a fan of adding more buttons.

Well its unfair that some classes (sentinel) have to have a target in order to ise there movement skill and since usually ypur beinf 1 hit by a boss theres nothing else to target
We call this a face smash k.o. a dodge would be nice in such a situation

Yeah dashes would be a cool option for those that want them. But there should be a sacrifice to get the dash.
Alternately, those that want to not be mashing buttons and kiting all day should be able to give up some DPS for enough defences to stand inside a ‘face smash KO’ or two.
I would argue that both options don’t exist right now. Most builds simply don’t have enough defensive options to avoid oneshots, and few have the chance to give up defences for a dash.
The sentinel does have the opposite though: You can turtle up and channel to survive one K.O hit, but then the cooldown will get you.

Uhm sentinel HAS a movementskill you don’t need a target for O.o. I rely don’t want LE with up to 8 invul frames. That’s something that might happen with the rogue but every other class is in a good spot in my oppinion and you need to think more about what you do. In Wolcen you just skill to be able to roll through enemys and every gameplay error is forgiven. We simply look at 2 different games and both have solid mechanics with their own pros and cons but both games are good the way they mechanicly are. On top of that I think the devs take a look at wolcen and they maybe get some inspiration from it… but I don’t hope for a active dodge mechanic ^^.

Are you refering to warpath slow moving? Good luck. Reversal? Yeah cause thats just rng luck. Do you really go back 2? 4? 20? Seconds lol. Lundge needs a target

Shield Rush doesn’t need a target.

shield rush needs a shield… rare are the number of builds reaching high wave arena not using 2h staff…

Everything comes at a price :wink:

Teleport doesmt. It evem procs skills. Transplant can make you invincible for 4 seconds. Leap gives you +100% damage. Lundge… Needs a target to be useful.

Not with the Dark Rush node it doesn’t.

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Lol I still want dodge with a roll

:smiley: Which is fair enough & I wouldn’t disagree with you.

Me, too.

I find me getting hit by telegraphed skills because the reaction time is really short sometimes. Teleporting out it tough, walking out is impossible in some situations.

The visuals should also be tweaked. In Arena when 50 mobs sit in your face you barely see any telegraphed skills.

Dodge rolls are good. Would love to see more ARPG’s with this feature.

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If you are referring to Wolcen - no they are not. First and foremost they need a special node to get phasing (the ability to go through enemies). Otherwise they are mostly useless, especially when surrounded.
Now we get to the meat of the issue

  1. If roll is universal for everyone and can phase through enemies it will invalidate all other movement skills (unless they give solid bonuses, something Lunge does and this is why it has a downside).
  2. If roll is universal for everyone but cant phase it will be in the reverse situation - maybe useful at the beginning of the game but useless once you get your movement skills in order (and when AoE attacks start to truly matter).
  3. If it is universal but needs a special three to phase it will be awkward because it is something completely new. Not to mention a rip-off of another RPG, a competitor, something I am not sure everyone is ok with.

So to recap - the implementation will be hard, the balancing will be hard, it will feel out of place, it will be a blatant rip-off and finally no matter what it will make future class-specific movement abilities either a must-have if they are better than it or worthless if they are worse, one or the other.

Feels like a lot of negatives just for your convenience.

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Rpgs steal ideas from eachother?

Stealing something from another RPG and putting it in as a core mechanic = rip-off. You cant make a good case for it because Last Epoch was never meant to include it and now they do because it is popular (which is debatable, it seems more people have negative opinion on Wolcen as a whole than a positive one, cant know how many truly love the dodge roll).

All art (and I’m using that in the loosest sense of the term) copies from everything else. You name me one game that hasn’t borrowed concepts from some other game… You can’t really complain about one game (potentially) copying a concept from another game as that’s so common as to be essential to the game making process.

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