Still Stuck When Lunging - I Think I See Why

Hey there LE team. Lunge is definitely in a better state than it was prior to your fix, but I still get stuck sometimes when using it. I think I see the reason. It appears to be when something you were trying to target is no longer a valid target. This seems to happen both when the target dies, or if the target moves behind some terrain or barrier, right as the skill is used.

My guess would be that in multiplayer it has to do with the target being valid upon skill use on the client side, but server side it’s not (or it was valid prior to the input delay, but is no longer valid after the input delay). Just a guess, but hopefully that helps.

Let me add that it also seems to happen if you lunge at a mob the moment it turns away from you.

To add (and so I don’t create a duplicate here):
Consistently: If you lunge and mobs just before they are about to enter your screen area, Lunge will do it’s frozen-animation bug, requiring using an attack to break out of the frozen animation. If you are able to select and target a mob, this bug doesn’t seem to trigger; it’s more or less lunging near a mob but while not having the mob selected under your cursor.