Still no multiplayer?

I also wonder, quite a lot, what % of the people asking about MP will actually USE MP. :thinking:

… because of multiplayer…

you don’t say ? :laughing:

MP came out about five months ago. Everybody loved it. We all played it so much it broke the internet and sent the world back 40 years into the past. Where were you!!!

So sadly, you’ll have to wait about 39 years and 7 months for it to come back out. Mark the date!


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Hm… with all the

  • dev blog posts here on the forum,
  • reddit posts,
  • Ziz and Steelmage MP showcase,
  • weekly dev stream,
  • answered questions on discord,
  • answered forum threads that arise every 2-3 days

regarding multiplayer and the features of the next patch, I wonder how can anybody not know what’s going on :question::question::question:


When MP finally comes, it also means Online Features.
What does this mean (if any) for us who mostly likes to go for just playing single?
Will it only be the save your Character Online thing Option?

Probably not much more than an online save at this stage. Obviously there are other things changed on the back end which are not specifically MP - like the new chat system, a new valid leaderboard/ladder etc. Even non-MP players may enjoy those updates. Who knows, maybe the MTX shop might be have a trial run.

If you don’t want to play with others you can continue to use your current offline characters offline or you can start new online characters and play them by yourself. The devs have said that they dontvwant to add any content that requires a group. If you have a power cut while playing online, your character will be safe and not corrupted.

LOL. yes, i get it - all MP all the time. But MP has completely overwhelmed my perception of what is happening. Right now it seems like MP is happening , that’s all that’s happening, it’s going to be a while, and then MP will be here.

And what I’m not clear on, is what that means. Is a patch going to drop with MP and nothing else ??

  • I don’t read reddit LE posts.
  • Saw the Ziz and Steelmage showcase. Spoiler alert - it’s MP. And it was good BTW.
  • Have no idea what the weekly dev stream is.
  • Didn’t know I also had to get on discord to know what’s going on.

I’ve just been body slammed with the “get gud” argument when it comes to getting information about what’s happening with LE. :laughing:

I get it, they are working on MP, and MP is hard. No argument here.

BTW, just went to the news category on the forum, last post not related to MP was a really long time ago. So I say again, I’m not clear on what’s going on. And if i have to check 5 different sources to understand what’s going on, instead of checking the “News” or “Announcements” section of the LE forum, then I’ll just have continue to wonder when the patch is going to be available and what exactly is going to be in it.

I can do that. it’s more fun when it’s a surprise anyway. :smiley:

I was wrong it’s been 4 months, not 7. The June developer update was the last not-entirely-related-to-MP tidbit. But in waiting-for-patch-time that’s at least a year.

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Lots there that isn’t specifically multiplayer.


yes, there is. my bad.

even though I had read that post, I thought it was much more MP specific.

I’m sorry if it came along this way. All I tried to say was that there’s a lot of info everywhere on social media. LE also has a facebook site that provides news that on top will be auto translated into your language.

Maybe there’s some important thing that you might have missed:

Before 0.9 LE runs on a singleplayer only client. All content upgrades and bug fixes are solely developed for that version. The MP client that EHG has been testing behind the curtains was a different one. Not only a newer version, but a completely separated client. They needed to develop two clients simultaneously for a long time. Now that they have announced the milestone of MP release, they have to merge these two clients, meaning packing all the existing features of the current live version into the new MP environment (where things work very differently due to the server authoritative nature of MP). From that point on they will only have one client to work with (that saves a lot of time and resources in the future).

This is where all the dev work is put into. Making the current stuff work in the MP environment. At the same time performance is the second important thing alongside MP, because with more stuff on the screen it would get worse even more. Performance on live isn’t that great.

So you’re not missing the content that is developed, because there isn’t any major content developed. When MP releases, there will be the same game with the same content, just that it is on a new client.

There’s “little stuff” that will be included in the MP update as there’s a lot of polishing going on already:

  • Animations
  • Death FX
  • Skill FX
  • Sound FX
  • Ailment changes
  • Damage changes (melee, bow, throwing)
  • New enemy types
  • New music tracks
  • Balancing stuff

But that’s it. While all these things are important and will add to the whole product, it’s not very much for all the veterans here. People that already have 1k hours in will not get much out of the next patch besides the ability to play with friends and the general feel of the game.

You don’t have to check all these sources. The announcements on reddit are the same as on the forums. The news from discord link to the forum posts. But there are a bunch if social media sources that all lead to the same news, so it’s hard to miss that stuff if you just participate on one of these platforms.

If you’re searching for news on the forums, you should not only browse the “news” section, but also the other dev channels like “dev blog” and “announcements”. That’s the source where every information comes from.

Mike is doing live streams every friday on twitch, where he plays LE, answeres questions from the community and sneaks in some previews about upcoming content (screenshots, clips).

@AndrewTilley creates written protocols of all the questions and answeres here on the forums. Aaron from ActionRPG creates summaries about the most important stuff on his YT channel.

It’s not “git gut”. It’s more “C’mon buddy! Open your eyes. It’s everywhere on the internet.” :slightly_smiling_face:


Edit: I get that it’s maybe not that easy to filter the information of you’re just browsing sources once in a while. For me and my fellow alltime forum bunnies, it’s easy to see new infos immediately. We see every new post as it is highlighted. For somebody that just joins in every 2 weeks, there are propably a lot more posts and threads marked as “new”.

So I’m guilty of overseeing this fact from time to time despite being aware of. My apologies if my previous answer was a bit flippant.


ok, that sounds great. i’m gonna have to tune into that.

No worries at all. As you may have noticed, i had a very small, ok maybe somewhat biggish, mea culpa. I blathered on without realizing that the September upate post was the answer to my not particularly well considered rant. But geez, that was like a month ago ! WTF is going NOW ?! :laughing:

Thank you so much for the informative comment ! i appreciate it.

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Multiplayer testing is ongoing

Also see this amazing post:


Probably not, but has there been any talk and ideas thrown around about how Seasons may become and how they will be working when Online finally hits us?
This is of course a Q that is for Online Beta testers and Devs to answer.

From past communications & what I recall having been here and on discord for a while:

  • They are to be called Cycles (although lots of people would prefer other names to be considered).

  • They will behave similarly to other games seasons with characters being rolled into a standard league as the cycle ends. This rollover will happen at launch 1.0 - so when we have access to online MP, a new cycle will start when 1.0 drops.

  • Mike W has indicated that he is in favour of all updates and features being rolled into both the standard and cycle at the same time - specifically because it allows for one dev branch (ie. not having two sets of code to deal with - standard and cycle). If features are added to both, Cycles would obviously be differentiated by a clean slate (new chars) and whatever rewards/competition will apply to the cycle period. There has been no data provided on what Cycle rewards etc may be - iirc the devs said they havent had the time to decide on this yet.

  • Everything is undecided and could change a the whim of the devs.

There may be a snippet here or there in dev streams and I would suggest browsing through the Search results for 'Transcript' - Last Epoch Forums that @AndrewTilley has put together to find any more info/discussions on Cycles if you really want more details.

If you are hoping for a specific response from the devs - good luck with them making the time considering everything else they have on their plates - I would suggest posting on the #ask-devs not support channel on Discord. Mike may be able / willing to provide more than a sentence or two if he has the time.

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I’m not sure I remember them saying that. They’ll certainly be moving all pre-existing MP characters to a “standard” league for 1.0 so that everybody can start on an even footing (unless they want to continue playing their pre-existing characters offline/standard) but that doesn’t mean that there will necessarily be a “new league” in the way that PoE uses it (ie, with a new league mechanic & content). Though they have said that the remaining masteries will be coming with 1.0.

Thats what I meant… nothing more.

I like the word Cycles may being used for Seasons. In some way I think it fits.
New Content for each Season (Cycles) is something I think is important. It is something that bring the crowds in.
Thank you for replying. The rest we see when it finally hits the Market as they say.