Still no multiplayer?

Any news on this? I can’t seem to find anything other than they said it would be out Nov. 17th and its still not. The preview of the patch coming out in 2 days doesn’t mention it either. Will it ever happen?

next year we will get more info on mp, nothing yet

Are you sure you want multiplayer with 3+ peoples spell effects?
… i mean one persons spell effects are for many builds perfectly capable of killing killing FPS to below 20 on high end systems :wink:

Multiplayer wont work without optimization imho.


Thats why I ask if it’ll ever even happen. Seems like the game is being designed with a single player mindset.

They said they’d give us more info on MP this year.

Were did they state that? I am 100% sure that there was never such a exact time for anythign MP related.

It has always been communicated, that MP will come eventually, when it’s ready.

Mox (CEO of EHG) did say, we will get a update on MP soon after 0.8, so i assume this year.

Its on the image. It shows multiplayer testing with the release of the rogue class. This was also a push back date since the multiplayer testing was suppose to be held during the summer some time(cant find this one) but I don’t just say something out of nowhere. :octopus: So essentially I was really hoping to play this game with my friends in November, then it got pushed to Dec. 4th (2 days from now) and then they just mention rogue class stuff and nothing about MP yet again. They seem to always mention it and then ghost it.

I think you’ll be able to turn off effects from other players.

It shows it in phase 3 (phase 3 is released in several patches over many months not all at once) The Image was updated nov 17th that had no connection whatsoever with MP being released on Nov 17th. MP testing will be next year, hopefully earlier rather than later, but waiting until its ready I’m perfectly ok with.


I’m sorry. But you need to work on your comprehension skills.


I am sorry, but I have to contradict you here.

We have said we would release Patch 0.8 on December 4th, however we never stated that this patch would include multiplayer as we had never planned for that to be the case. Similarly, we neither released, nor planned to release, a patch in November - and so it would never have been possible for us to enable multiplayer at that time, as doing so would require an update.

The Early Access Forecast was not changed to say it was updated on the 17th of November until we updated the image on the 17th of November, so I am unsure at what point you would have been waiting for a game update on that date. That said - we’ll discuss adjusting the style of the image to better clarify what the date refers to. Apologies for any confusion. :slightly_smiling_face:


@WonderBread. You seem to have made a lot of presumptions which were really never stated. I don’t blame you, I think we all have the tendency to read and see what we want to see some times. Anyway, for more detailed multiplayer discussion, I bumped this thread I started a few months ago:

Which is why we need to test MP as early as possible, not later.

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There are a lot of games that started EA with a roughly implemented multiplayer. People don’t care if this is beta. If the multiplayer that they are keen on is not working properly, it results in tons of bad reviews. And even if the devs repair it after 2 weeks, the damage is done, the reputation destroyed.

I’m also interested in infos about multiplayer. But if the devs decide it’s not ready, yet, we should accept this. Everybody knows better from behind the fence. But why not trust them? It’s not that EHG doesn’t deliver what they promised.

How many time we have seen demands for rogue and dual wield for months now. If the rogue would’ve been released 6 month ago, it certainly would not have been as good as it is now.

I’ll wait for MP a bit longer if that means that it that isn’t going to be the half baked bug infestation we saw on other games.

Quality >> Player demand

Completely missing the point.
People want MP NOT because we DEMAND it regardless of quality, The reason is that we want quality MP at launch, & to do it, required lots of time to test MP, both instability, as well as the gameplay group balance synergy part of MP.

No, I’m not missing the point. I tried to explain, that this game already is release in some kind. This is no closed beta test with NDA and stuff. Everything that is done to the game right now affects its reputation immediately.

So devs have to make sure that things they implement work properly right from the start. You can see it in LEs history and also in the history of other EA games. People don’t accept an excuse like “C’mon, it’s a beta. Things are supposed to be rough.” I can’t count how many times me and other people have made this statement about LE when some people complain about things not working as intended or being not polished during EA.

There are a lot of people who don’t care. They paid money and want a finished product. EA tag or not. There are a lot of people who think EA is just for getting the finished product earlier. They don’t wanna test and have no patience.

You can argue that these people are not right. They should have known why they are here (to test and give feedback - fun is a secondary bonus). And you are right. But this doesn’t change the fact that there are these people and there will be more the more this game goes towards release.

That’s the reason why EHG introduced the Community Tester Program. They wanna increase the chances changes and content is received well. And also for this reason they will introduce MP when the major issues are fixed and they think it’s in an acceptable state for the crowd.

Imagine the shitsorm if the Rogue would have been implemented with only 4 skills with a tree# half of the nodes broken, clunky animations and poor skill effects. They could have done this and say “It’s beta, come and find all the bugs! It’s supposed to not feel great right now.”

Instead they made sure all skills have a tree, propper animations and effects. And because they knew it would release in a more than acceptable state, they made 2 teaser trailer and generated some hype, resulting in new steam charts player peak record with 2.7k people.

Of course there still are bugs. But nothing to really complain about. LE received awesome feedback from content creators and streamers for this patch.

EHG won’t risk it’s current very positive reputation by rushing out something. I’m sure they have a MP roadmap with milestones they have to pass before they think about releasing it to us.

Let’s trust them on this topic. They certainly have reasons to not release it until now that outweigh having a longer testing phase.


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