Still getting stuck in most Ritual Lake maps Monoliths

So this is suppose to have been fixed. Nope I’m still getting stuck to maps. Cleared whole level 59 monolith map just now. at the end before getting boss cleared my character froze to the map unable to move.

Windows 11 pro 64 bit here.
DxDiag.txt (153.8 KB)
Does game have error logs for this?

Updating to latest nvidia drivers now. I don’t think that is the issue but just in case I’m doing it.

Hey there

I provided a link to find player.log file.

In the meantime, try verifying Steam game file integrity just in case :slight_smile:

I have taken the steps to verify game files. doesn’t seem to do anything. (1.7 MB) (1.8 MB)

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Are you using a controller to play? I see a bunch of logs about thumbsticks in your logs :slight_smile:

Based on your logs, I suspect you may have found a bug with the nav meshes and/or controller interactions.

Do you experience this issue when your controller is not plugged in?

Separately, there are a few memory leaks in LE it seems, so long play sessions can result in more instability. Does this only happen after you play for a while or does it happen if you enter this map immediately after loading in the first time?

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Responded in a email.

Oh. EHG support got back to you? Nice :slight_smile:

If you can share any general info back to this thread that would be great for other people.

Of course, dont put anything jere which is too specific or personal aS its a public forum

No I responded to you. Nothing from support yet. I will have to make a ticket I guess.

1.Yes I play with a Xbox one type controller. It is a AfterGlow controller but it is a few years old now.
2.Yes I have still locked up on the map on keyboard and mouse. I have tried to unlock myself afterwards with keyboard and mouse while playing with a controller. That does not work. I have to shut down game and start over.
3.Yes I tend to play anywhere from 1-4 hours lately. This can accrue in less than 1 hour of game play. Sometimes it happens after a hour and a half or so.
4. I have had it happen immediately on this specific map in the monoliths. This was a known issue in which was
said to have been fixed. It only got worse after the recent .9e patch.
Also,hank you for a response.

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