Steenging Steel in Smelter's Wrath

I have a Smelter’s Wrath Forge Guard and my increased melee critical chance is 60%. That makes my melee crit 8%. Stinging Steel node in SW says +3% crit for every second channeled, which when max channeled ( 2 seconds ) should give 6% base crit. That means that my SW’s base crit should be 11%, or 17,6% in total with my 60% increased crit chance.

The thing is, with 3 points in Steenging Steel ( 3% crit for every sec channeled ), SW crits every time. I tried on dummy too just to hit a single target. 30 SW casts, all of them crit. Maybe the node gives more crit than it should? Just to clarify, I don’t have Vulcanic Mastery node which guarantees crit for SW. No point in taking it atm anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.