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Steam Update service drives me crazy!

Operating System:
Win 10 x64

Detailed description:
Steam buggy install/unpacking

How consistently does this happen?
Every update, every single one.

Steam asked me to update LE to latest patch…

… I checked the download queue, it listed a 9gb update, and I started the update.

… 10 minutes later, after being stuck at 34%, it showed new values, 6gb in filesize…

I had to quit steam and restart it to fix it, and it still takes abnormally long to update LE.

I tried with both throttled (4 MB/s) and unlimited connection (peaking around 8 MB/s) to the London download gateway, same issue.

I switched to Germany, same issue, now I’m stuck at 48% and it moves 1% every once in a while, totally disregarding my unlimited bandwidth.

Mind you, I just reinstalled windows 2 weeks ago, and steam runs off a shiny new 500gb ssd.

To me, the situation is similar to the quirky Path of Exile updates, when steam offers them in a delayed fashion, and plenty of errors/problems compared to the default (non-steam) client.

I’ll play the beta via steam, but for the release, I’m going with the retail client…

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