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Steam Players Upgrade. Yes or Nay?!

Not sure what kind of Topic it belongs to, but I do ask nonetheless, and it has probably been asked numerous times before, and I have been reading both yes and no, and not yet, and still in progress and what not, but now I wiush to have a proper answer please.

I have read Forum posts arlier that says YES, it is possible, no it is NOT possible, it SHALL be available and possible.

Steam Players have bought the Ardent Gladiator for a very long time on Steam. Now I and likely MANY others wish to purchase an Upgrade here on THE very official site. But many is asking STILL - HOW DO I UPGRADE A PACKAGE IF I AM ALREADY HAVING THE STEAM PACKAGE? And can I also pay using PayPal??
I wish and WANT to purchase an Upgrade. And I also want to have that Upgrade purchased BEFORE the Ardent Version is completely GONE.

So. Tell me exactly HOW I go about doing that.

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And that is the final say in this matter you mean?! And nothing else then that. Later. Well, that is exactly why I start to begin concerning too, since later already IS later. Much later. Anyone actually started realising it already is November? In fact, very close to December even.
I start to kinda want to know things a bit more clearly then this really. Becaue I WANT to Upgrade, you know. Sooner, rather then “later”.

And when that is a fact, I actually want to know a bit more then just “later”.

And what if I go ahead then and actually purchase the - let´s say - $240 one. Will I get my difference paid back in return later?
What about PayPal? Is that available? Or is that also available “later” ??

So, Devs. I need you to come in here and actually explain this thing a bit better then just saying “later”. Because later is already gone to later.

It seems you haven’t readthe posts…

long story short: You write an email to the support and tell them what pack you have and what pack you want then they tell you what to do and what payment options there are and you pay the difference from the pack you have to the one you want to upgrade to.

There is no automatism to it what is a bit of a shame but afaik the whole “write an email get an answer” thing worls pretty quick and well right now.

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You don’t pay the full price for the pack you want to upgrade to, you only pay the difference between what you have & what you want to get. As the link that Heavy posted said

Hey Buddy,
I get you. Problem currently is that the upgrade stuff that should be availible at the beginning of 2021 still isn’t.

You can do purchases via the official website when you login. But that’s not an upgrade. There you pay the full price.

I get your confusion as there was also a time where no upgrades were possible. Its confusing that the official statement is that there are no upgrades currently, but they do upgrades if you write an email.

Upgrades only work by contacting support currently, as was stated previously. From when I upgraded (it’s been a while) it was only possible via credit card, no paypal.

You may only find out if you ask support. Or someday jumps in that upgraded recently.

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Ok, so the “simple” solution is to quite simply write them an Support Email and then just ask to upgrade the one curently you have, and then to ask if they do take PayPal. If at all.

Well, ok. I better just do that then and quite simopy do it the “simple” way. If it only actually were that simple.

I guess I know the answer to this already, but ok, I try.