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Steam key?

Still cant find where i can link my account to get my steam key?

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Same here

Someone posted a link before and I saved it… don’t know if it works, haven’t tryed it yet
Oopsy daisy it doesn’t work anymore. is removed

Here is what they said:


same error here

Steam account linking is broken, when i click on Sign in it takes me to the home page. Then when i click on the link to redeem my Steam key it says i have to link accounts first.


same here, frustrating alpha people getting shafted, wish they would add easy link button or make the instructions easy to find on forums…etc.


You must sync. So I sync. Click here to get key. So I click. Your account must be synced.

Same here.

same, i link accounts and go to get the key and tells me i have to sync accounts

Getting “We are sorry but you look suspicious you can go no further…” trying to link the accounts. This is so frustrating…

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We are all suspicious apparently

Same here.
I am glad they have security but damn. we all spoopy hakerman

There is no “redeem my steam key” button when you do finally link and get to the my steam key page.

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We wait for the extra delay and still got nothing ? Plus treated like spammers, lol…

Wait… the cake is a lie?

It wouldn’t be that big of a deal if there was ANY way to play this game right now. Can’t use the launcher, get unknown error… can’t link to Steam to try to download and play. Worst part was I was 98% installed and it just sat forever… restarted, and haven’t gotten close since.

Sad, i wont give it more tries today.
i can try to download the client and after 20min it needs 4hrs to download 20gb or link it to steam what didnt work.

i support it on kickstarter and got only the we didn’t care about your eary support, i mean its not that hard to give us a steamkey in the account setting or a launcher that loads something…not even an update for the problems wasted half of my free time for it.


People on Steam Forums are clearly annoyed as well. This will give them a bad Reputation i am afraid.