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Steam Deck logs in, but no characters?

So I finally got my long awaited steam deck, LE seems to load fine and controller support works (and I’ve heard other folks say it’“iz gud”), but while it logs into my account automatically the character selection is empty.
LE on PC loads all chars fine, LE on steam deck is empty, both are the same “klocwerk” account.

Oh. Duh. Savefiles are local despite it being “online.”
Disregard me, just an IT guy here forgetting the basics.

Edit: Ok, I’m not totally crazy, the Steam Cloud sync should be pulling files across, but it looks like the Linux version of the game on steam deck doesn’t work with the window save files or something?
Changed LE to run in Proton (Win emulation instead of Linux native, tweak in the properties in the Steam launch page) and all my characters showed up on Steam Deck.


Glad you were able to resolve this yourself… and yes you have figured it out… Savegames are local and Steam Cloud syncing is OS dependant with LE right now… the devs are not entirely sure why but its on their list of things to check later.

Just note re Steam Deck… its working after a fact, but the devs have specifically mentioned that its unsupported right now… so be sure to make backups of your saves etc just in case something borks… especially around patch time because you never know what may or may not happen…

ps. posts like this will get community help if you open them in the bug/technical support section rather than there… most of us dont check this section and its usually reserved for things that only EHG can help with…

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