Steam deck - game crashing in 10 min


As part of steam deck society I just want to highlight serious issues with Last Epoch. Unfortunately, after 5-10 min of playing the game our steam decks are crashing and we need to make manual restart of the device. It is a little bit frustrating… Some of Reddit users found probably the issue: memory usage. When the memory usage is more than 14 GB RAM (very high results for such game), the game is instant crashing. The issue was less impactful playing campaign but it is a major problem on monolith areas. Do you have any plans to fix it? Thanks!


Can confirm. Campaign is no problem!

Monoliths crash after 10mins one my deck also.

Same when I play on PC. Campaign is chill. Monos gradually build up the lag until the game crashes. Sometimes the entire PC crashes.

EDIT - just used performance overlay. Game starts runing with 12gb RAM and 6GB VRAM at the start. And then it just builds up until it crashes.

Some people on reddit said that if this was a memory leak problem more people would mention this. But in my case this is happening on both mashines I use to play LE. It just builds up RAM usage until its unable to run it further.

Can this be adressed by the devs?


I’ve been playing on SD for quite a long time and I must say that it works well, although there is a problem with RAM leakage when you play monoliths - the game’s RAM usage reaches 14GB and the steam deck freezes.

I hope that EHG will solve this memory leak problem

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Same problem here. Campaign was fine but once in monoliths the whole Steam Deck freezes after about 10min of gameplay. Hoping for a fix soon.

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i didnt crash or notice it getting worse over time but i do notice that some tilesets are much heavier than others.

ive had solid 160ish fps all along but some mono tilesets drop it down to ~120, some others all the way down to 80. only noticed it because my gsync gives up around ~80.

looks like they need a lot of late game optimizations, the campaign was totally smooth.

also the game runs on dx11 (wow so 2009) instead of dx12. no idea if that hinders anything… but wow the game looks so much better when you force dx12… shame it keeps crashing.

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Yup. Sounds like you have a better mashine than me. For you its fps drop from 160 to 80. For me its from 60 to 0 :sweat_smile:

Hopefully this gets fixed. The game runs phenomenal on steam deck. It should help with the porting of the game to consoles if people can play on the steam deck. Having the same issues on the monoliths. The game freezes and crashes in 10mins. Before that fps starts to drop and then everything stops. Been playing on the deck with my partners since he’s doesn’t have a PC and he’s only played Diablo for arpgs. He likes this game a lot.

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To be honest when I first launched it on deck I thought it will explode. But it runs and looks sooooo smooth that I could not believe it.

Having the issue in monoliths as well.

I maybe had one crash in the campaign. But in monoliths it can happen easily within a few minutes.

Had the same problem with my OLED deck, installed CryoUtilities and used the recommended settings in the application; no more crashes.

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I just bought and installed last epoch on the non OLED 512 version of the steam deck and after 10 minutes campaign - the game lags enormously and after 1 minute it freezes.

I had to restart the game to get exact the same problem afterwards :frowning:

Thanks. I downloaded CryoUtilities and they Recommended Settings fixed these crashed for me too.

I am playing on my steam deck oled right now (my favorite game so far) and it started crashing pretty often. I see that it is using above 14gb of ram, which may be the issue.