Steam Deck Compatability

Playing for the first time in over a year, now on my Steam Deck. So far, it’s working great! Enjoying it even more than I did on my laptop originally.

The controller support is great and the only incompatibility I’ve found so far is that the Passives window gets cut off. (It’s too wide horizontally).

It’s really amazing to see how far this game has come. Everything feels faster and snappier and smoother than I remembered.


Update: The character creation screen is also one that gets cut off (the screen where you select your class by clicking on one of the shadowy avatars).

Update: changing the resolution to something smaller, then changing it back seems to resolve the issue of the character creation screen fitting on the Steam Deck screen. Currently playing on 1200x800 with Medium master graphics setting. everything smooth and good. I’ll update if I find additional issues, but hopefully Last Epoch can at least get the “partial support” tag for Deck (Steam currently lists it as unsupported.)

“[alt] for more information” isn’t possible on Steam Deck.

Also, pretty minor, but it would be nice to have the ability to assign controller buttons to any given functionality. For example, inventory can’t currently be assigned to a button on controller, but some controllers have enough buttons that someone could designate an inventory button if they wanted.

Hello @jukeboxthegengar

I would highly recommend writing down your feedback and delivering it in one post rather than putting feedback on the fly into the forums.
People that are regularly visiting the forums might mute this thread because you keep pushing it.
And for people reading it the first time it would be way easier to digest, when it’s one concise post with a decent structure.

Also just so you know, the devs said they will not focus on support for steam deck as of right now, but it might come at a later point.
So while I think the devs appreciate your feedback, it will take a while until they try to take this into account

Have you tried pressing & holding the right/left analog trigger/joystick? This is what it’s mapped to on the Xbox Controller and it seems Steam Deck has one too (Disclaimer: I don’t have a Steam Deck)

ah, my apologies. It’s been a while since I’ve used the forum, so I’ve sort of forgotten how it works.

also, I’m not posting this so much to request deck support as to let the team know that they might be able to get credit for partial Deck support without having to do any extra. With the popularity of the steam deck, it could be a good way to boost the game’s visibility. I’m also thinking it could help them avoid breaking things that currently work on deck, which is different than doing new development to add support for Deck.

also, @amidelapoesie clicking the right stick does seem to work. sometimes the help text and other tool tips will cover each other up in a way that doesn’t happen with mouse and keyboard, but oh well.


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