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Steam - Ardent Gladiator

Hello to All

I was just wondering about the Steam page stating the following:

The Image linked above shows that you get Beta Access; Juvenille Skullen companion; Forum Badge; 350 coins for cosmetics and the Full digital sound track. I am really interested in the last of these items.

Does my Steam purchase include all the above mentioned items and how do i access them if it does?

Thank you in advance to those who answer

It is a known problem and the support is aware of it.

I have the same issue, since i bought LE on Steam April, 30.

Ye, also purchased it via Steam.
Whats going to happen?

The last two Items read “at release”. So I assume they won’t be there until release.

Also purchased it via Steam.
whats is going on?

Hi everyone,

I’m very sorry for the delay as we worked on resolving both this and other issues.

We have been testing a solution, and if all goes well we will be deploying it later today.

Our solution will address the following issues;

  • Steam users not having access to their Juvenile Skullen in-game pet MTX.
  • Steam users not having access to their ‘Ardent Gladiator’ forum badge.
  • Steam users not having been properly assigned their 350 Cosmetic Coins.

A few caveats for the sake of transparency;

  • A very small number of users with atypical names may need to contact us to have their forum supporter badges assigned by a member of staff manually. This will affect less than 1% of users, and will be caused by their names having properties which are difficult to account for. Examples include their account name having spaces or being particularly long. We will be providing an update on when it would be prudent to do this.
  • Cosmetic Coins are not yet accessible in-game, nor have we yet implemented an MTX store. I’m just mentioning CCs to reassure you that they haven’t been overlooked.

As said above, we’re aware that some users will not yet have their forum badges. Contrary to my previous post, there’s no need to contact us - we have a list of account names and will be applying their badges over the next week or so. Apologies for the delay!

As the issue appears to have been fully resolved for everyone in this thread, I’m going to update the thread by marking a post as a solution. On behalf of everyone here at EHG I’d like to say thank you for your patience as we worked on a solution for this.

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