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Steam Ardent Gladiator Supporter Pack


I purchased the beta access through Steam. On the Last Epoch Steam store page, it says that my purchase includes the Ardent Gladiator Supporter Pack. How do I access the in-game items?


Hey there… Welcome to the forum…

Most of the items are not yet available in-game but you can see them on the tabs on top of the Inventory window… Appearance.

does that mean the pet isnt available yet or whats going on with that

If I recall, the pet can actually be enabled at the moment through the Appearance interface, but its just the basic one and afaik no-one really enables them right now. They dont actually do anything other than follow you around and get in the way. The devs have confirmed that other things like the in-game credits for cosmetic items etc, will obviously only be available when they implement the cosmetic shop etc…

in my appearance interface it says not owned and as you can see i should have it cuz i have the title i also sent a support ticket so hopefully they can look into it might not do anything but it looks cool and i want it to be part of my beast master army lol

Yip… Support ticket is probably the best solution for this issue right now…


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