Stealth nerf to crafting?

Crafting is broken now, not even worth it… two affixes and one upgrade takes 24 potential to ZERO!!!

Put it back, don’t take the fun out of the game!

Rough day.

Pray to RNGesus more I spose.

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Have you done your sacrificial crafting? I believe @boardman21 can explain how that works.

we all all know Video game produces have a different definition of random… here let me fix it for you:

Random: where a video game producer “makes it seem like a RNG engine is producing results” so as to ensure the players of said game get less than the best results and continue grinding on the game and making micro-purchases.

While some games might do that, there is no reason to believe this is the case. For one, because there are no MTX that will give you any in-game benefit (nor are there any planned). For another, because most people misunderstand probabilities. If you have a 0.01% of something happening (whether good or bad makes no difference), if you have 10k players doing it, at least one has a very high chance of it happening to them (though even then it’s not guaranteed). And if you have a million players doing it, it’s almost guaranteed that a few will have that happen to them.

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It’s funny you mention this in a thread about crafting…


Just wait…

No, the devs repeatedly emphasized that they won’t make MTX have any impact in the game. Much like in PoE, other than the stash tabs, no MTX does either. And PoE gets away with the stash tabs because it’s a free game. Since LE has an upfront cost, and since they have declared repeatedly that, I don’t expect any MTX to have it.

Even regarding to pets picking up gold, which was something Mike was asked about in his weekly stream, he said there’s no plans for it but if that they were to place such a system in game they would make it so that all players would get one for free.



This isn’t a mobile gacha game. Your attempt to sound sensible and informed by way of salty cynicism is silly and out of place.


I got this reference. :wink:

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Wait, we’re still on the internet, right? If so… your statement confuses me.

Sure, this is the internet (not Sparta :grin: ), but from what I’ve seen in this forum, LE community actually seems to be pretty open minded and respectable to others. [Redacted to avoid confusion]


Crafting was not nerfed. This topic has gone off topic so I’ve deleted some posts and I’m closing it. If you’d like to start a new topic, please go ahead.